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settle cricket club

Dandelion and Burdock and Don: When Yorkshire played at Settle Cricket Club

Author David Mitchell conjures up an adapted chapter from his new cricket book, From Snicket to Wicket. Here, David reminisces of his childhood at Settle Cricket Club and the spectacle of the annual match against Yorkshire County Cricket Club. Cricket has been in my blood since Grandad took me to watch Yorkshire play Australia at Bradford in 1961. A significant… Read more →

sydney cricket ground 2003

Meet the deafblind cricket author who’s followed England around the world

Paul Duffin is a remarkable man who has not let the fact that he is severely sight and hearing impaired quash his passion for cricket one little bit. When I heard about the deafblind Wetherby-based author who had written about his tales of travelling to thirteen Test grounds to follow England between 2003 and 2012, it was crying out for… Read more →

North Marine Road county cricket ground

Scarborough Cricket Festival: Have you any tales for my new book?

The Scarborough Cricket Festival is an integral part of the cricketing calendar here in Yorkshire. Did you know that county cricket on the North Yorkshire coast has been an annual treat since 1876 when MCC played Yorkshire in a nine-day programme? From the very first time of taking the train over and stepping out into piercing aqua skies then following… Read more →

Following On: Like Father, like Son?

James Buttler’s latest book, Following On – In the Footsteps of Cricketing Fathers, delves into the dynamic surrounding the father and son relationship in cricket. All of us, for whom county cricket is part of our DNA, can conjure paternal combinations who have played the game professionally. In Yorkshire, Bairstow and Sidebottom are two surnames that loom large but the game… Read more →

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