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zwingo balance

What role does balance play for a batsman in cricket?

Brett Hillary is standing on one leg and demonstrating the importance of a batsman’s balance, as I sit attentively outside a cafe and bemused shoppers walk by. Brett’s creation, the ZWINGO® Balance, is an oblong orange box designed to unlock a batsman’s potential by helping them to improve their body movement and be in the best position to nail those… Read more →

all stars cricket at crossflatts

All Stars Cricket offers Crossflatts a promising future

Thanks to the first rain I can recall since May, I am walking along Keighley Road, soggy and pondering wretched luck – but coaches Lee Bailey and Mark Pennington have kindly agreed to meet anyway to discuss how All Stars cricket has gone down at Crossflatts Cricket Club. In case you haven’t heard about All Stars cricket, it’s an initiative by… Read more →

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