Articles that celebrate the people and places across the recreational game in Yorkshire.

yorkshire cricket board website

How cricket clubs can stay out of trouble on social media 😳 

Let me take you back to a dark Wednesday afternoon earlier in November. In the Cricket Yorkshire office, I am reading the Yorkshire Cricket Board’s disciplinary regulations for cricket leagues, updated in October 2017, line-by-line. Why? Well, I’ll be honest…there was a moment as the chocolate chip cookies dried up when I asked myself the same question. ** This dive… Read more →

albert pagan

Albert Pagan: Tutoring Michael Gough and triggering Desmond Haynes

Albert Pagan, 88, well known in the North Yorkshire & South Durham Cricket League (NYSD) cricket circles, is reflecting on national umpiring recognition: “I’ve been very lucky to be selected to represent all of my colleagues. The effort they’ve put into setting standards in the North Yorkshire South Durham League…the players have done remarkably well and we think the umpires… Read more →

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