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Journalist, author and conquering Yorkshire one cricket tea at a time.

mark lawson (procoach) demonstrates a forward strike with a semi circle of young cricketers watchinbg

Indoor cricket nets: Six ways to train smarter

Mark Lawson, Director of Coaching at ProCoach, Yorkshire County Cricket Club’s official coaching partner, is immediately into his stride on how to get the best out of indoor nets. At this time of year, the weird environment of stark lighting, sports hall terrain and matting for a pitch is a significant ritual, normally over several months, designed to ease out… Read more →

B3 Cricket Bat DB2

How to pick the best cricket bat for your game?

For many of you cricketers, February signals a changing in the seasons just as surely as entering a different time zone: back to nets (BTN). Preparation for this ritual will depend on whether you spend winter oiling your cricket bat with affection or open your cricket bag, after months of fermentation, with a hazmat suit and considerable trepidation. It may… Read more →

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