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checking cricket teams

Paying club cricketers: Blurring the lines between amateur and professional

Paying cricketers has to be the single most contentious issue in club cricket and is well overdue to be tackled here on Cricket Yorkshire. This isn’t a short read…but then it isn’t a cut-and-dried conversation. When I moved to Yorkshire, I was astonished at the rumoured sums being offered to hundreds of cricketers from £10 a game to thousands for… Read more →


Can franchise cricket keep teens in the game for longer?

For this episode of the Cricket Yorkshire Podcast, I went to Sowerby Bridge Cricket Club who were hosting the ZWINGO® Halifax Junior Cricket League U19 T20 Final. Even if the Twenty20 concept is tried and tested professionally, this interpretation was new for Yorkshire club cricket. Four squads – Northern Knights, Western Wolves, Eastern Eagles and Southern Spartans – faced off across a… Read more →

zwingo balance

What role does balance play for a batsman in cricket?

Brett Hillary is standing on one leg and demonstrating the importance of a batsman’s balance, as I sit attentively outside a cafe and bemused shoppers walk by. Brett’s creation, the ZWINGO® Balance, is an oblong orange box designed to unlock a batsman’s potential by helping them to improve their body movement and be in the best position to nail those… Read more →

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