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Wakefield Thornes 2018

Who is the top-ranked Premier League club in Yorkshire?

It’s now been three years since the Yorkshire Cricket Board (YCB) and the various leagues restructured Yorkshire cricket. Since 2016, there have been four Premier Leagues and the winners of each meet in two semi-finals and a final to decide on Yorkshire’s Champion club. There is a caveat – any clubs winning those leagues not from Yorkshire don’t obviously qualify… Read more →

cricket tea scone

A nod and a munch to the best cricket teas in Yorkshire

Those of you who are regular readers of Cricket Yorkshire will know that I flag up the quality of the cricket teas around the county during my adventures. Purely for academic purposes and nothing whatsoever to do with a voracious sweet tooth, I’ve built an encyclopaedia over the years in my head of those Yorkshire grounds where a satisfying cricket… Read more →

Cricket volunteers in Yorkshire keep the game strong

The Yorkshire Cricket Board’s Outstanding Service to Cricket Awards (OSCAs) continues to champion the breadth of volunteers from across the county. This year’s ceremony, up in the Premier Suite at Yorkshire County Cricket Club during the County Championship game with Somerset, saw umpires, scorers, coaches, players and administrators given recognition for the work they do. I’ve been going to these… Read more →

checking cricket teams

Paying club cricketers: Blurring the lines between amateur and professional

Paying cricketers has to be the single most contentious issue in club cricket and is well overdue to be tackled here on Cricket Yorkshire. This isn’t a short read…but then it isn’t a cut-and-dried conversation. When I moved to Yorkshire, I was astonished at the rumoured sums being offered to hundreds of cricketers from £10 a game to thousands for… Read more →

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