How Zwingo Sports can liven up your cricket training


Zwingo Sports is set to make headlines in 2019 after the Zwingo cricket training tool that we featured before on Cricket Yorkshire, proved so popular.

As we’ll explore here, the company is scaling up its plans to revolutionise how we play cricket and help us to train smarter. For its Founder Brett Hillary, the next year is full of opportunity. 

There has been a transition from Zwingo Balance to Zwingo Sports; reflecting a desire to compliment their cutting-edge training accessories with all-new sportswear (trainers and apparel).

Our vision is to become a brand that speaks to people. A brand that is powerful and strong. A brand that supports encourages people to find that little extra within. The “Go for it” slogan is exactly that and more. Nothing is impossible.”

Brett Hillary, Founder

Alongside the Zwingo®, it already has the Spintechs training mat in its range of innovative products, designed to replicate spin bowling to improve practice for both wicket keepers and batsmen.

A premium has always been placed on research & development so years of product testing has gone into a spin mat that offers durability in the sun and micron-level spin control. The Zwingo® provides patented silicon composit traction and aerospace-grade construction.

spintechs mat

Master spin bowling with Spintechs®

At this time of year when cricketers across the land are going to be working on their game indoors, it’s the perfect time to freshen up nets and club cricket.

The Spintechs® spin mat, backed by South Africa’s wicketkeeper-batsman Quinton De Kock, brings unpredictability but in a good way.

English wickets don’t traditionally spin outrageously and you might not have Ravi Ashwin or Adil Rashid at your club to bamboozle team-mates during nets.

Spintechs® will test a batsman’s technique and a wicket-keeper’s reflexes. It’s not designed to be too difficult but will keep you on your toes.

zwingo balance


Our article on the role of balance for a batsman using the Zwingo created a real buzz. What this oblong orange box of tricks does is to challenge batsmen to improve their balance and unlock more areas to strike the ball.

With both of these products, Zwingo Sports is aiming to help cricketers of all ages and abilities get the most from cricket and do it in a fun way.

Thousands of cricket clubs across the UK will start back at cricket nets in January in cold sports halls with it still dark outside.

Often, it’s the same faces and the same practice without a clear purpose. Having a thrash is all well and good but we all know it won’t be like that when it comes to late April and the umpire calls ‘play’.

Why not have your club invest in a couple of affordable training tools that can be used by juniors and seniors to focus on becoming better players?

T20 cricket in Yorkshire

Fresh thinking in junior cricket

Given its Yorkshire headquarters, Zwingo Sports has been bringing some of that forward-thinking to junior cricket in West Yorkshire in the Halifax Junior Cricket League.

This year, it supported an U19 tournament that created four franchises with new identities; a point of difference and a talking point for teens who are a demographic that typically drop out of the game in high numbers.

Zwingo Sports has exciting plans for 2019 where it will be supporting Yorkshire cricket further, showcasing the Spintechs® and Zwingo® and being part of the pathway that young players tread to represent their county.

The sports brand is ready to launch its own range of clothing and footwear to add further momentum and will be a name you’ll be hearing plenty of in the coming year.

Zwingo Sports - Go for It

Contact Zwingo Sports

If you have any questions about the products or want to talk through an order for a cricket club or school, you can contact Brett Hillary directly. His email is [email protected] or call Zwingo Sports on 01422 378888.

You can follow Zwingo Sports on Twitter or ‘Like’ Zwingo Sports on Facebook to find out about new developments, offers and the latest training videos.

Check out the Zwingo Sports website to order training products and clothing online and learn more about their philosophy.

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